CONCACAF Nations League '22-'23 (October '22 Update)

Everyone is always asking me for updates on the mid-tournament standings of the CONCACAF Nations League.  Ok fine you win!!!

Let me preface with this- I love CONCACAF Nations League.  Watching some fellas from Montserrat play against Cuba in front of the majority of people on the island, putting the shirt of their homeland on and fighting to get to the Gold Cup?  Sign me up, baby.  That being said, sorry Montserrat, y'all aren't going to the Gold Cup this year. Maybe the next one.

Unsurprisingly there's not a lot left to do in any of the league A groups (A problem inherent to this competition... where talent level truly falls off a cliff past the top few teams).  Group B is the only one really up in the air, where old foes Panama and Costa Rica will probably come down to the final match to determine who goes onto the finals (both all but assured of Gold Cup qualification already).

League B has a fair amount of mustard left on the proverbial hot dog, with teams fighting for promotion up to League A on the line, but more importantly direct Gold Cup qualification.  These teams would much rather avoid Gold Cup prelims, as Qatar's presence in the main tournament means that only 3 of the 12 prelim teams will win a spot in the main show.

League A

League B


League C

League C is mostly determined, with St. Lucia and Puerto Rico already shoring up their spots in the Gold Cup Prelims and '24-'25 Nations League Group B.  Bonaire and surprise World Cup Qualifying Preliminary group winners St. Kitts and Nevis are hot on their tails with most of the work done to secure likewise qualification.

Check back for further updates of the CONCACAFiest region around.



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