World Cup Update - After 11/21 games

With round 1 of games in the books for Groups A and B, narratives are starting to progress for a few teams.  Ecuador are the biggest gainers, followed by England.  With Qatar the notable odds-losers and Iran close behind that.  Below is a summary of odds changes (from pre-tournament)

Model Summary 

Group Stage Forecast

Knockout Stage Projection

Forecast for tomorrow's games


  1. France bribed themselves into the final?! Lol

  2. I think the Mexico - Poland game will give us a lot to taco bout. Also looking forward to seeing France bag(ette) a few goals against the Socceroos.

    Dope, of all the teams projected in your model to miss the knockout rounds, who do you think has the juice to surprise us all and make it out of their group?


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