Gold Cup - Knockout Stage

 Sup y'all-

As we move into the knockout stages of the Gold Cup, it looks like the model nailed the 8 teams that would advance, even though underdogs like Martinique and Guadeloupe gave some of the favorites a run for their money challenging to advance.  Here's how the model looks headed into quarterfinals-

Overall Model

The USA is still the presumptive favorite, but down from 58% to 51% chance to win the trophy.  This is probably mostly down to facing Canada in the quarters, who were much less likely to be in that spot before the Group Stage started.
Mexico's chances are up by a few percentage points, as their side of the bracket ended up having neither other "big 3" team on it, with Guatemala finishing above Canada in Group D.
Many people see Jamaica as somewhat of a favorite, so the potential semifinal between them and Mexico could prove to be exciting.


Hope everyone gets a chance to catch some of the games this weekend, and continue to revel in the best confederation around!



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