AFC Asian Cup - After Round 2

Sup y'all-

We're 2 rounds into the group stages of the 2023 Asian Cup, and the initially chalky start to the tournament has started to fade.  A couple of the favorites have started looking vulnerable, particularly Japan who took a loss 2-1 to surprising Iraq.  Iraq was the 2nd country to book their trip to the knockout round, after hosts Qatar were the 1st.  After 2 rounds of games we have 5 countries into the knockout round for sure (Iran, Australia, Iraq, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia), and 2 countries eliminated already (Vietnam and Malaysia).  Tons of teams have their own fate in their hands such as Oman, Indonesia, and Japan, while others will need help to get into the knockouts.  As always, follow @dopeisland23 on twitter for matchday forecasts.

Model Overview

Group Stage

Projected Bracket

Circle Chart (Patent Pending)

Hope y'all have a good time watching the matches in round 3!!!



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