AFCON 23 - After 2nd Round

 Sup y'all-

AFCON is still a wild tournament so far, but the upsets have cooled a bit.  Ghana have managed to right the ship a bit, salvaging a point against Egypt and setting themselves up with a 2/3 shot at the knockout round.  Algeria has underperformed, with only 2 draws to show for their efforts, but sit at a 90% chance to advance due to their remaining matchup against Mauritania.

Surprisingly, after 2 rounds we only have 2 teams (Cabo Verde and Senegal) guaranteed qualified for the knockout, and only 1 nation (Guinea-Bissau) eliminated.  That means we have 21 teams still alive fighting for 14 remaining spots, so essentially every 3rd round game has tournament life-or-death implications for (mostly) both teams involved.  As always, follow @dopeisland23 on twitter for matchday forecasts.

Model Overview

Group Stage

Projected Bracket

Circle Chart (Patent Pending)

This 3rd round is gonna get spicy!!!!



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