AFCON '23 - After Group Stage

 Sup y'all-

This AFCON has been off the chain.  Upsets galore, small nations embarassing large nations, everything you'd like out of the tournament.  2 of the top 5 favorites (Algeria, 97.6% odds to make the knockout stage pre-tournament; Tunisia, 95.9%) didn't make it to the round of 16.  Algeria only managed 2 points, including a last-day loss to Mauritania.  Same story with Tunisia, with an opening round loss to Namibia, gaining only 2 points after that.

Of the bottom 10 projected teams coming into the tournament, 7 of them made the knockout round.  From a forecasting perspective, I would say that this tournament is a testament of the work the "also-ran" nations have put in to recruit and train their sides to compete with the big boys, and hopefully that gets reflected in a competitive World Cup Qualifying round.  Not to mention the upcoming knockout round!!!   As always, follow @dopeisland23 on twitter for matchday forecasts.

Model Overview

Bracket (Current & Projected)

Circle Chart (Patent Pending)

Can't wait to see what this next round has in store!!



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