AFC Asian Cup - Quarterfinals

Sup y'all-

Sorry that I missed a knockout stage preview!!! Got busy, you know how it can be.  Anyway.  If you've been paying attention to the wild AFCON going on in the Ivory Coast, that level of upset hasn't exactly made its way up to Qatar.  The top 6 pre-tournament still remain the top 6 (with just Iran and Australia swapped spots at 2 and 3, snooze) with just Jordan and Tajikistan the "outsiders" (30% and 17% odds to make it this far, pre-tournament).

Don't get me wrong, there have been some wild finishes.  South Korea came back in the LATEST possible way to oust Saudi Arabia, and Jordan scored twice in stoppage time to come back and beat Iraq in the dying minutes.  The favorites still seem to be the favorites, but we are guaranteed to lose 3 of the top 6 this weekend, as South Korea-Australia, Iran-Japan, and Uzbekistan-Qatar are all heavy hitter matchups with Jordan and Tajikistan battling for the crown of the tournament's true Cinderella.  As always, follow @dopeisland23 on twitter for matchday forecasts.

Model Overview

Brackets (Current and Projected)

Circle Chart (Patent Pending)

Hope y'all have a good time watching the matches in the quarters!!!



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