Copa América '24

Sup y'all

We are about 24 hours from the kickoff of Copa '24 in Atlanta!!! Messi and the boys will take on Jesse Marsch's Canada to start the festivities (personally I am jonesing for these 5-match days with Euros then Copa, omg).  It's going to be great environments across the US as folks will travel from North and South America alike to get a chance to see their teams play this summer in some of the nicest stadiums in the world (and also in Kansas City).

I won't belabor it too much here, I'll drop the model, but suffice to say that Argentina are the favorites, Brazil is behind them, and Colombia and Uruguay are the other real contenders. Hard to imagine another country hoisting the trophy... as a USA supporter myself I will hope for the best but it's going to be an uphill battle to fight against sides of this quality.

The Model


Round 1 Match Forecasts

Enjoy the matches, I'll be here for updates!



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