Euros '24 (Days 1 & 2)

Sup y'all-

4 games in the books for the German hosted Euro 2024 tournament!  I've always thought that the fan activity was second to none in Euros, so I'll try to celebrate the fans that have travelled across the continent to support their national teams.

After days 1 and 2 the favorites seem to be favorite-ing.  Germany absolutely massacred the Scots in the opening match, and Switzerland, Spain, and Italy all took care of business in their opening matches to vault their chances of moving into the knockout stages >90%.

Albania seem to be the big loser of the day, with their odds of advancing dropping to a paltry 6% after losing to Italy 2-1 (even though they opened scoring 23 seconds in!!).

All the other losers have hope alive, mostly as 3rd place finishers to move on, but it's hope nonetheless.

The Model


Tomorrow's Matches

Tomorrow begins the saga of whether or not it's coming home (spoiler alert: it isn't).



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